Services provided by Finbook specialists
FinBook specialists offer you services of setting up financial accounting at the enterprise and introducing FinBook system
The list of works that are done to set up the financial accounting system
Creating Regulation on the accounting policy of the enterprise;
Defining the format of the final financial statements: for managers of various levels, top management, owners;
Defining the procedure for collecting financial information: the type of reporting for departments (employees), the frequency of filing reports, the form and frequency of filing a financial plan (budget), the form and procedure for processing applications for payments, etc.;
Defining the financial structure of the company: which departments (employees) must submit activity reports / financial plans and to whom they must submit them;
Defining information which can be found in existing information systems and organizing information export to FinBook (if necessary);
Defining access rights to information;
Customizing FinBook in accordance with the above-mentioned regulations;
Organizing the input of incoming balances in the cash-book on a specified date;
Organizing the process of collecting information: all specified departments and employees submit current reports, financial plans and requests for payments using a set form and at a set time;
Organizing work of the financial service: receiving reports, plans, applications, processing them in accordance with the accounting policy and preparing the final statements in the set form;
Business game and training of the employees: the work of employees and financial service to collect and process information from the starting date and up to the current day.
Putting financial accounting into the current operational activities.
Creating regulations on the accounting and setting up of the information systems can be done simultaneously.