Management accounting and financial reporting

according to international standards
FinBook system - an easy to configure and use system of management accounting and financial reporting according to international standards. The system is accessed through the Internet, data is stored in reliable foreign data centers. Possible to integrate with 1C systems. Does not require initial investment, payment is made monthly.

Purpose of finbook FinBook is available in several configurations:

For conducting financial accounting in commercial enterprises. Financial accounting according to international standards, planning, control by key performance indicators (KPI), calculation of payroll, fixed assets, warehouse stocks, sales, purchases and much more. Not intended for accounting in accordance with Russian accounting standards, but enables to upload data to 1C:Accounting.
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finBook: IFRS
For conducting parallel accounting according to international standards (IFRS). Makes it easy to set up automatic information import from existing accounting systems of an enterprise and receive IFRS reporting per group of enterprises
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Basic principles

Online work on FinBook servers

FinBook software is available for rent with access via the Internet and with a monthly fee. Your data is hosted in reliable data centers in Germany. FinBook ensures the necessary level of security access and data storage, server administration, updates installation, etc.

You need only a computer with Internet access to use FinBook.

Management accounting

FinBook accounting and financial reporting customers are the owners and management, not the fiscal authorities, to whom the information is provided by the accounting and tax services. Accounting in FinBook is conducted according to the rules determined by a company and reflects the situation de facto, not de jure.

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International accounting standards

In FinBook, the financial accounting regulations are based on international financial reporting standards (IFRS), which enable management to use proven accounting techniques, and owners – transparent reporting and rise in value of an enterprise.

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