Financial accounting according to international standards, planning, control by key performance indicators (KPI), calculation of payroll, fixed assets, warehouse stocks, sales, purchases and much more
Who's this system for?
For business owners who want to obtain real financial statements and monitor the activities of enterprises online via the Internet;
For managers who do not have enough current records for prompt and accurate management of an enterprise;
For companies willing to put their accounting systems abroad with Internet access;
For companies willing to maintain only management accounting "for themselves", and entrust a specialized firm the book keeping and tax accounting.
Feature overview
Accounting policy formation
The chart of accounts according to IFRS
Register of typical business transactions and account entries
Hierarchical financial structure
Customizable indicators for the analysis of the company's activity
Hierarchical financial structure
Financial Accounting
Registration of business transactions and automatic generation of entries
Group registration of business transactions through custom report forms
Business transactions import from other systems
Turnover balance sheets relating to accounts
Segment and project accounting
Multi-currency accounting
Closing accounts and periods for change
Analytical tools for managers
Custom dashboards (monitoring financial performance indicators, balance and circulation)
Custom reports to analyze assets/liabilities, income/expenditures, plan/fact divided up by financial responsibility center, time periods, contractors, segments, projects and contracts
Additional accounting and reporting analysts