Personal hygiene is essential for our day-to-day lives, as it keeps our body clean, prevents us from embarrassment and helps prevent the spread of various infections. Personal hygiene can be defined as a condition or practice that helps us to prevent the spread of various infections. Following personal hygiene is a basic concept of cleaning, grooming and taking proper care of our bodies.

Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for many reasons that can be personal, social, for good health, psychological or simply for a better way of life. Actually keeping a good stand on personal hygiene is an act to prevent the development and spread of infections, illnesses and bad odors. Simple day-to-day acts such as brushing your teeth, showering, shampooing, using a deodorant or brushing your hair all add up to your good personal hygiene practice. Well, these acts are simple and should be part of your everyday routine, there are some people who try to overlook and put themselves at the risk of illness, infection, and poor dental health and this may even lead to social avoidance.

Personal Reasons to Stay Hygienic

It is said that you are more like to appeal to the opposite sex if you practice good personal hygiene. Our personal hygiene practices have a large impact on our self-esteem, confidence and motivation, as a bad personal hygiene habit can easily alter our body image. A person with a bright white smile with clean and healthy teeth is more attractive than a person with yellow and unhealthy teeth. Unhealthy teeth can cause embarrassment and alter your sense of well-being. Health hair, skin and nails are signs of a good well-balanced diet that can boost your confidence in everyday life.

Social Reasons to Stay Hygienic

It is very important to have good personal hygiene for social acceptance because nobody in the world wants to be surrounded by people who are dirty and smelly. When are body is clean and well presented we appear to be more confident and assured about our moves and positive body images that reflect our personality? Children should be thought about personal hygiene to avoid elimination and being bullied by someone.

Health Reason to Stay Hygienic

It is impossible to keep ourselves always protected from the various diseases and illnesses spread in the surrounding. Many a time a person can be unhealthy due to his unhealthy hygiene habits. Being vulnerable and exposed to strangers can cause the person to be very serious about his personal hygiene care. Any time you have a small cut or a big wound on your body make sure that it is cleaned and dressed suitably, this is to reduce the risk of infection and pain.

Unhealthy conditions such as head lice, athlete’s foot, etc. must be immediately treated to prevent the further causes of infections and spread to others. Washing your hands is just not enough; it is one simple action that can prevent the development of an abundance of diseases and illnesses.

Psychological Issues to Stay Hygienic

People who are always well presented, clean and tidy always feel more confident, especially in their social appearances. Well in many job interviews your hygiene level plays a very important role in making your first impression within a few minutes. Your chance of succeeding either professionally or socially can be lead behind if there is no personal hygiene maintained.

Similarly, it is equally important for us to understand that proper personal hygiene will add a great boost to our confidence and will increase the level of self-esteem that can affect many different aspects of our lives.