Since its launch in 2013, Path Of Exile’s newest expansion piece, Atlas Echo, has ushered in the biggest wave of players. PC Gamer reported that on January 15th, the number of game users on Steam reached a historical peak of 157,103, which is the day when Atlas' echo was released to the public.

Since the launch of the expansion, GGG has also experienced some server problems. They said that they have seen "11% higher peak player numbers than any previous version of Path Of Exile." They said, "What is usually to celebrate. Now It caused some big server problems.” As a result, the developers are doing some hardware upgrades for their servers, so they expect some downtime in the near future, and it may be postponed.

Atlas’ Echo is currently available on PC and will land on game consoles on January 20. The expansion pack provides a wealth of content, including 11 new maps, new weapons, POE Currency and final game equipment. Players can prepare POE Currency in advance to purchase new equipment and weapons.

Regarding the latest news about the sequel Path Of Exile 2, GGG director Chris Wilson said that it may be launched in 2022. All players who like and love POE can look forward to it. I believe that POE Currency Buy through buying POE Currency will greatly increase you. Game experience.